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Never Can Say Goodbye

by Tom King

It's usually a sad thing when professional athletes stay too long. Watching Muhammed Ali get pummeled by Larry Holmes, Joe Namath hobble around in a Rams uniform and Willie Mays stumbling through his last season with the Mets were not pretty things to witness. For every Barry Sanders or Wayne Gretzky who retire while they can still function...we get a Michael Jordan laboring as a Wizard or Johnny U as a Charger. The latest example will probably be Manny Ramirez who is attempting a comeback with the Texas Rangers. The 41 year old went 1-3 as the DH for AAA Round Rock on Sunday. Ramirez, who helped Boston win the World Series in 2004, hasn't appeared in a major league game since 2011 when he tried a comeback with Tampa. He also tried a comeback last year with Oakland that didnt take. He recently finished a three-month stint with a team in Taiwan. As a Red Sox fan, I always enjoyed watching Manny hit, even though his act did get tiresome after awhile. He says he's grateful for another chance to play the game he loves. You often hear athletes say they would play "for free" because they love the game so much...well in this case it's true. Manny will donate his league minimum salary of $500,000 to charity and his church. Good Luck Manny...but I'm not holding my breath that this turns out well