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Seeing The Game Up Close & Personal

by Tom King

by Tom King

I've talked before about my aversion to the stadium experience these days. Since the advent of big-screen, high def tv, the cost and hassle of attending a game in person has lost alot of its appeal. But there are still some sports where being up close and personal will give you insights and enjoyment much better than a tv viewing experience will. Basketball is one of those sports. For those of you who have never attended an NBA game the difference is shocking. The size, speed,strentgh and athletic ability of these players is off the charts. And since any tv broadcast only shows you what the director wants you to see, being there in person opens up much more of the game. And being close to the action is an added bonus. I am fortunate to be able to score press passes for various games and will be at the Wisconsin-UWGB mens basketball game Saturday night at the Resch Center. This Badger team seems to be making a transition from the typical, grind it out Bo Ryan team to a more uptempo (or at least somewhat more uptempo) team that's not afraid to play transition basketball.  The UWGB Phoenix are no slouch either and I'm looking forward to see what they can do. The other thing you see up close is how the players interact with each other and with the coaching staff. You can tell alot about a team by how they handle time-out situations. It's one of the perks of this business to be able to cover games from a great vantage point and I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

The Bucks are game but so banged up that it's impossible to form any opinions on how good this team can be. They have 7 healthy bodies right now and have a meat-grinder back-to-back tonight in Indiana (the Pacers are unbeaten)  and tomorrow at home against Kevin Durant and the Thunder. 

I'm going to be very interested to see how Scott Tolzien performs after a full week of practice. It just goes to show if youre willing to keep plugging away you might get a chance. Mike Lucas made the observation yesterday that Tolzien was invited to the NFL combine as a senior...but not to be looked at or considered...he was brought in to throw to the wide receivers that were being considered.

As the fall high school  season winds down, the winter season is close to beginning. The State Girls Swimming championships are happening in Madison today and tomorrow...and the football playoffs continue tonight. There are a few games being played in Central Wisconsin. Hartland Arrowhead faces Hudson tonight at Goerke Field in Stevens Point. Somerset plays Winneconne tonight in Marshfield. Stiehm Stadium at DC Everest has two games...tonight it's Amherst vs Stanley-Boyd and Saturday afternoon Shiocton faces Hurley.