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St Louis Cardinals Take One Day To Fix Axford, While Brewers Couldn't In 3 Years.

by Mike Mathers

As a diehard fan this blew me away.  As soon as John Axford was in St.  Louis the Cardinals sat him down and said, "You've been tipping your pitches."  Keep in mind Rick Kranitz was working with Axford for 3 years and couldn't figure something that our rival did and one freaking day!  The Cardinals fixed it and he ended up with a 1.74 era.  All our genius pitching coach could say was, "I'm not quite sure exactly what he was doing"  

I realize the Brewers need stud players but competent coaching staff is a plus, and right now I don't believe we have that.  This goes for Ron Roenicke too.  Do you agree with me?