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Greenland's Grand Canyon

by Cade

Did you know that Greenland has their very own Grand Canyon?  Neither did Greenland.  Until now.  

Scientists and geologists with NASA have discovered that under the 660,000 square miles of ice that covers Greenland, lies a gigantic canyon about twice the size of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Unlike most big canyons in the United States that were created by glaciers, the Greenland canyon was almost certainly created by an ancient river.  A river that science people think still runs under the ice from about the middle of the country into the Arctic Sea.

Here's a 3-D image of the canyon under Greenland's ice sheet, courtesy of J. Bamber at The University of Bristol. 

Just when you think that everything on this planet has been discovered, along comes news like this.  Mother Earth continues to surprise us with her majestic beauty and mystique.