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Cold War Snowden thing

by Tom Mitchell

What happened to the cloak and dagger ways of the Cold War that Russia was so good at?  In the 60's and 70's, moving Edward Snowden would have been a snap.

Every day, Russian Bear Bombers fly from Russia over the top of the world, down the Atlantic slot and land in Cuba.  They mostly do it to remind the United States that they still have a strategic place in our hemisphere. 

Sneaking a disguised Snowden out to a desolate Russian Air Base and loading him aboard a Bear Bomber should be easy.  He would have a long uncomfortable ride and could see the F-16 US interceptors unknowingly escort him through the international airway that borders the United States.  On a clear day, Snowden could perhaps see his beloved homeland on the horizon.

Snowden could deplane at a Cuban Air Base, slip into the Cuban society and in time become an afterthought.  There would be Snowden sightings and he could be Cuba's newest celebrity brought out at times to poke the United States in the eye.

These days, even Russia is loving the media attention as the country that is harboring an American fugitive.  Snowden will come out under the lights and cameras to wave good bye to his Russian comrades.

The cameras will be in place as the Russian Aeroflot plane lands at the Havana Airport.  There will be a group at the bottom of the air-ladder to welcome Snowden to Cuba to begin his new life.  Perhaps even Raul Castro himself will be on hand to welcome Snowden.

It will be Cuba's turn to defy the United States demands to extradite Snowden.  It will be a high visibility media event should Snowden depart Cuba to go to his permanent home in South America.  

It's hard to accept that Russia and Cuba have come out of the shadows of covert operations now that Boris and Natasha live in a nursing home.  Now it appears communists around the world have entered a new era of public relations where 'image is everything.'