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My Wife's Birthday and the Boston Marathon AND Tax Day

by Tom Mitchell

Each year on April 15th I look forward to my wife's birthday, but not so much Tax Day.  This year will be another memorable one.  I remember in 2002 as we were moving from Minneapolis to Denver on April 15th, while driving down I-80 I was on the phone with my tax guy finishing things up over the phone.  This year, same CPA firm, but a different person handling my taxes.  He procrastinated and didn't get things finished in time to file by midnight so now I get to pay a small penalty because we had to file an extension.  Grrrr.  All this on my wife's birthday.  And this will be more memorable for her than many past birthday's - not because of the new jacket I bought for her; not for the 2 dozen pink roses I had delivered to her school; not for the gift of having Merry Maids do a spring cleaning of our house as a gift to Sue on her birthday ... but memorable in a sad way.  The terrorist bombing in Boston!  What a shame that people have to suffer like that.  So sad.  The fact is that there have always been bad people on this planet and bad things will continue to happen.  We just have to live one day at a time and do the best we can without letting idiotic terrorists disrupt our lives.

Happy Birthday Sue - many more.  Hope you enjoyed your Applebee's leftovers for lunch at school today.