This One's for the Girls

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Wayne Herren - the winner of This One's for the Girls! Wayne won a 24-month lease on a 2014 "Fiat 500L Easy." The Fiat 500L is the newest addition to the Italian brand and brings more space and practicality to the iconic 500 styling.

winner winner

Check Out the Fiat

Take a look at the actual Fiat that was our grand prize for This One's for the Girls. Tom & Christy from the KELO-FM morning show will take you for a virtual test drive

Live Broadcast Dates

Date Business Time Location Station
9/6/2013 Billion Fiat 2pm-5pm 69th & Louise KELO-FM
9/14/2013 Physician's Vein Clinic 10am-12pm The Village @ 57th & Western KELO-FM
9/17/2013 Gas Stop Holiday 8am-10am 74th & Louise KELO-FM
9/19/2013 Billion Fiat 2pm-5pm 69th & Louise KELO-FM
9/20/2013 Dollar Loan Center 11am-1pm 1910 W 41st Street KTWB
9/21/2013 Billion Fiat 12pm-3pm 69th & Louise KTWB
9/21/2013 Lazaderm 10am-12pm The Village @ 57th & Louise KELO-FM
9/24/2013 Big Soo Coupon Book 11am-1pm Pizza Inn 2208 E 10th St. KELO-FM
9/25/2013 Nyberg's Ace 11am-1pm 41st and Minnesota KELO-FM
9/26/2013 Physician's Vein Clinic 4pm-6pm The Village @ 57th & Western KELO-FM
9/27/2013 Purses2Go! 11am-1pm Oxbow Village on 49th St. KOOL 95.7
9/28/2013 Combined Pool and Spa 12pm-2pm One block south of 41st and Phillips KELO-FM
10/4/2013 Lazaderm 4pm-6pm The Village @ 57th & Louise KELO-FM
10/5/2013 Billion Fiat 1pm-4pm 69th & Louise KTWB
10/8/2013 Gas Stop Holiday 8am-10am 26th Street KELO-FM
10/10/2013 Billion Fiat 2pm-5pm 69th & Louise KELO-FM
10/11/2013 Billion Fiat 2pm-5pm 69th & Louise KTWB
10/12/2013 SuiteSweat Sauna Studio 1pm-3pm 57th & Louise in Beakon Center by Spezia KTWB
10/14/2013 Year Round Brown 3pm-6pm 41st & Sertoma KTWB
10/18 - 10/19 Etc. EXPO for Her All Day Sioux Falls Convention Center
10/22/2013 Big Soo Coupon Book at Midwest Communications 11am-1pm 500 S. Phillips Ave. KTWB
10/23/2013 Fonder's Sewing Machine Company 11am-1pm 2130 W 41st St. KELO-FM
10/26/2013 Billion Fiat 10am-12pm 69th & Louise KELO-FM

Contest Rules

Official contest rules can be found HERE

Sponsored By:

Billion Fiat Scheels Combined Pool & Spa Lazaderm Physician's Vein Gas Stop Big Soo Coupon Book