The Story of Us

Eric Clapton
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Main Title / (I) Get Lost    
A Spoon Is Just a Spoon    
The Girl in the Pith Helmet    
Empty Nest    
Keepin' Out of Mischief Now    
Touching Feet Under the Covers    
Everything I Love in This Bed    
Dry Cleaning / (I) Get Lost    
The Sheik of Araby    
Family Bed    
Busy Baby Montage    
Wonderful Tonight    
Silent Drive to Camp    
Camp Montage    
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree    
Epiphany at the Bistro    
I Hate the Kirbys    
Love in Venice    
Ben Takes the Apartment    
Writing Montage    
Picture on a Wall    
Classical Gas    
Let's Go to Chow Fun    

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