Surfer Girl / Shut Down, Volume 2

The Beach Boys
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Surfer Girl    
Catch a Wave    
The Surfer Moon    
South Bay Surfer    
The Rocking Surfer    
Little Deuce Coupe    
In My Room    
Surfer's Rule    
Our Car Club    
Your Summer Dream    
Boogie Woodie    
Fun, Fun, Fun    
Don't Worry Baby    
In the Parkin' Lot    
"Cassius" Love vs. "Sonny" Wilson    
The Warmth of the Sun    
This Car of Mine    
Why Do Fools Fall in Love    
Pom Pom Play Girl    
Keep an Eye on Summer    
Shut Down, Part II    
Louie Louie    
Denny's Drums    
Fun, Fun, Fun (single version)    
In My Room (German version)    
I Do    

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