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Afternoons with Scotch

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Weekdays, 2pm - 7pm
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    Your afternoons just got a lot more fun. Great music, great humor and great insight on everything that is Sioux Falls. Finish up your workday and keep us on during your drive home. Plus weather twice an hour to keep you in the know.

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    • Scotch

      Born in the frigid prairies of central Minnesota, Scotch is a gentleman of leisure who has an insatiable love of B-movies. In fact, he blames much of who he is upon their influence. Junk culture, primarily 70's and 80's era sitcoms like WKRP in Cincinatti also played a huge part in shaping who he'd become. Scotch has been a cartoonist for many years and the time he spent as a regular contributor to CRACKED magazine stands out as one of the most exciting periods of time for him as a comic artist. Having spent much of his adolescence reading what is widely considered to be the MAD magazine “knock off,” he was thrilled when he was asked to illustrate a piece for the magazine back in 2001. Scotch has worked as a radio personality for close to two decades and enjoys creating musical and audio parodies in addition to his comic satires. He's a musician, he loves coffee and he owns numerous dolls but if you ask him about them he'll tell you that they're called action figures.